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Sales & distribution of raw materials & food ingredients vital for various food processing applications.
Consulting, problem solving & technical support with food processing applications, helping our clients choose & source the right ingredients.

Cheese powders

Offering a unique combination of taste & functionality, cheese powder is an ideal ingredient in virtually any food system. Using 100% Natural ingredients, our range of carefully selected raw materials ensures that we are offering a range of cheese powders meeting the convenience of our customers, Enhancing cheese taste in many food & flavor systems


A Whole new concept of spice powders, in which a very fine balance of natural oils and resins of a spice are carefully emulsified and encapsulated to form an exquisite natural spice powder with exceptional physical features and elevated potency, exceeding triple the sensory effect of a ground spice

Natural spice flavoring products, adding both intense taste & scent. This range is applicable in any food system, providing a brilliant solution of cost effectiveness & avoiding traditional grinded spices inconveniences.

Natural Extract

A Whole new concept of spice powders.

Egg powders

Breads, cakes, bakery mixes & and assortments of deserts owe much of their unique texture, taste & moisture to the egg.
Egg powders, egg white, egg yolk & whole egg powders are cost efficient convenient substitutes of natural eggs.
With outstanding technical capabilities and extreme hygienic precautions, our eggs are grown locally under the best nutritive programs and the highest farming parameters, carefully selected, inspected & dried into our fine flowing signature powdered eggs.

Functional & Sensory ingredients

A rich portfolio of food-processing solutions providing a diversified shelf for various applications offering our partners a reliable sourcing hub for their processing needs.
Supported by our principles and trusted suppliers all over the world, we provide the finest ingredients and the latest solutions in food processing technology.

Natural Colorants

From the tropical jungles of Peru come our natural colorants. Natural coloring has become one of the most important pillars in industries like food, pharmaceutical & cosmetics.
Bixin & Norbixin:
The most demanded natural colorant in the world market, obtained from the Annatto seeds (Bixa Orellana), its coloring characteristics have a great tinting strength & color permanence in food’s protein, its coloring range goes from orange to yellow.Products are offered in various presentations such as powder, liquid solutions & oil suspensions.
Most important natural colorant in food, cosmetics & pharmaceutical industries due to its excellent stability to light & temperature variations. It has a wide range of coloring that goes from red to violet. The easiness of its application makes it one of the most popular dyes in food color formulators industry.
Cloudy powder:
Fine Flowing clouding agent for juice application.


ACG’s world class experience in formulating appealing food & beverage products is the foundation of our reputation as a company taking the lead in the latest & most modern food processing systems. Helping our customers solve their problems through research & development & technical service is our primary goal. Whether the challenge is stabilizing a salad dressing or effectively suspending nutrients in a nutritional beverage, ACG has precisely the right answer.

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