Company Profile

NATURE…..The Ultimate Chemist.

Whether it's a devoted mother in her kitchen, a seed in a fertile land growing to be a tree or an ace chemist creating a recipe in a lab, Foods with pleasant taste & odor has always been the outcome of some form of a chemical reaction.
At ACG we combine good knowledge of science, the best industrial practice & raw materials carefully selected to create, source & produce unique taste, superior quality & value adding ingredients for your products.
As The demand of food ingredients & additives is ever-increasing as the global population grows, so does the need for quality foods & enhanced nutrition.  And to get these high – demand products to their destination, it takes an extensive distribution & transportation infrastructure.
With over 25 years of experience, ACG confidently stepped into industry with a range of superior sensory ingredients. Aided by the latest technology, a team of qualified calibers & years experience, we will provide our customers with a range of ingredients that will enhance their products with the unique touch of nature.


Established in 1987, ACG began as a trade house specialized in sales & Distribution of food additives & ingredients. Along the years, ACG acquired valuable experience of sourcing & distribution of food ingredients developed an efficient network & infrastructure of servicing various food industries.


Our mission is to offer unique sensory & functional ingredients with superior quality to our clients that will enhance their products & develop their concepts to help them provide world class end products. Our comprehensive approach will provide added value & cost effective ideas to our clients. We believe it is important for our community to have healthy tasty food at low cost, we will make the most of our knowledge to provide innovative solutions & new ideas.


We will develop an integrated system in which raw materials from our homeland will be processed to the finest ingredients. We aim to be a fully independent raw materials producer for various food processing applications & to provide self developed concepts of food processing.